Salmon Safe Soapbox
Photo by Barry Kovish

Indie Hops puts new plant to work with tip toward craft brewers

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Oregonian

Indie Hops' shiny new $2 million hop-pelletizing plant in Hubbard is the most tangible evidence of CEO Jim Solberg's belief that it's time for the American craft brewers to move out of the shadow of the giants... It's also partnered with two prominent Oregon growers, Goschie Farms and Coleman Farms, which supply Indie Hops with certified Salmon-Safe, sustainably grown hops and -- beginning with the 2012 harvest of 20 acres at Goschie's -- certified organic hops. Hops are prey to an array of pests and blights, and growing them organically is hard work indeed. Read the story...

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