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Los Angeles Magazine makes the case for Salmon-Safe beer

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Los Angeles Magazine

Why Salmon-Safe beer matters: Los Angeles Magazine features the growing farming movement towards Salmon-Safe hops with craft brewery leaders like New Belgium BrewingDeschutes BreweryFull Sail Brewing CompanyHopworks Urban Brewery & many others building the market. Over eighty percent of US hops are sourced from two Northwest salmon watersheds, the Yakima and Willamette valleys in Washington and Oregon respectively.

View the LA Magazine article.

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I think it tastes good even did not know that hops occurs salmon.

fotografie aeriana

beer has a unique flavor.

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One second enhance the fashion sense Dell Inspiron One 2020 revi

Touch control function is becoming all-in-one computer standard features, but in many people's minds, smart mobile phone and tablet computer is suitable for use touchpad, however, before these products are not fire up, touch all-in-one computer is already the industry darling. Just because the touch product cost is high, so the market price is also more expensive, plus the technology itself is not mature enough, all-in-one touch computer did not first popularity.
Not the same with the use of mouse and keyboard, touch control application with more direct for users, directly touch on the screen have more affinity than using the mouse click, and Windows 8 system strengthen the support for touch control application.
The Inspiron 2020 is Dell's main entry-level market integrated computer products, and Dell have three series of integrated computer products: 2720 XPS, Dell Inspiron 2330 and Inspiron 2020, are equipped with touch screen version.
Dell Inspiron 2020 is positioned in the entry-level home applications and enterprise office use, this series of products with high performance price ratio, the appearance is simple, remove all unnecessary things, shows the most capable side to the users. Although this product price is not high, but its workmanship, materials and other aspects are very good.
Before you see the hardware review, you can get all the drivers for this computer from here: Dell Inspiron One 2020 Drivers Download.
The simple design
Dell Inspiron 2020 is known as the "Black Knight", this product uses the entire black design. In Dell official website, Dell Inspiron 2020 has the touch version and non-touch version, the touch-version with a 20 inches 1600 x 900 resolution screen, display will be more delicate.
This product uses the rounded edge design, the overall look is very comfortable. We can see the power button is arranged on the side of the fuselage, and the hard disk light is also designed in this side, users want to know the hard Disk work may need to turn sideways to see. Maybe Dell designer is in order not to let the flashing lights disturb the user's attention, had put in a relatively hidden location.
The 20 inch size for most users is relatively modest, whether it is placed in the bedroom or in front of the desk, the volume is very suitable. As we mentioned before, this product gives a kind of very capable of feeling to person, with each section are very harmonious, although is black color, but the overall look is not monotonous.
The ventilation holes is all-in-one computer cannot be missing parts, but it will more or less affect the overall appearance. So we see Dell 2020 are adopted to design the heat dissipation holes small enough, so that the users is difficult to realize it. In addition, even if the cooling whole design is very small, it will not affect the heat dissipation, the hardware is use low power consumption, and heat can be controlled relatively low.
Excellent workmanship details
Although users rarely pay attention to the back of the fuselage, but Dell also do beautification for it. The mirror effect and the front of the screen plays a good echo, and with Matt design around the body, also make the overall look plumper. In addition, the processor Dell LOGO is designed in a central position on the back, very conspicuous.
On the right side of the fuselage is equipped with a DVD burner, and no other interface configuration. We think that if put some USB interfaces in the end, may be more practical, after all, users’ use the right equipment may be more easily plug.
The three buttons on the left side of the fuselage is used to control the screen, above two can adjust the brightness of the screen, and the small convex button can quickly turn off the screen.
In the key below part, is the audio interface, two USB interfaces and a card reader interface, the interface configuration can basically meet users’ daily requirement.
In the back of the fuselage, this product also has three USB interfaces, network interface and a power interface. It may be considered to save the cost, this product does not configure the USB3.0 interface, but I believe the future will be an upgraded version of ascension in this respect.
Touch control function, easy to use
The added touch control function gives Dell 2020 more functions, this product standard comes with the Windows8 operating system, can be immediately used after boot into Win8 system. Through the actual test, the sensitivity of the touch screen is quite good, with a strong sense of the smooth operation of the system, touch operation on a larger screen feel quite good.
Due to the addition of touch layer, the products is to be thicker than the regular version of the screen thickness. But has no effect on the actual use. In addition, the screen of the hardness is very high, the general object is difficult to scratch the screen.
The speaker is designed in the bottom of the screen, while the design is hidden, but the sound effect is quite good. It is understood, Dell Inspiron 2020 passed the WaveAudioMaxx3 professional audio system certification, and you can get a good guarantee in audio quality.
Dell Inspiron 2020 equipped with a wireless mouse and keyboard, users can get rid of shackles of cable when in use. The feel is quite good, the key feeling softer, and slim design is also very fashion.
Meet practical performance requirement
We have got the product is the high version of whole series of products, which uses Intel core i3-3240T processor, 4GB of memory and 1TB memory, video card uses Intel core graphics. You can get the Chipset drivers file windows 8 here: iMEI_Intel_W8_A01_Setup-449WG_ZPE.exe. From the configuration point of view, most programs and daily requirements can be used. After all, DELL Inspiron 2020 is a positioning in the entry-level products, "enough" is the most important task.
A second "change" to enhance color temperament
In addition to the two characteristics: cheap and practical performance, in the design, the Inspiron 2020 is not as the same spirit with 2330, compared with 2350 and 2720 XPS these high-end products, the design is doctrine. Therefore, Dell official provides a beautiful color shell for the Inspiron 2020, only need to embed shell into the body, can let the Inspiron 2020 second "change" color become beautiful fashion products.
DELL Inspiron 2020 can be said a versatile integrated computer, will be equal at office and home entertainment. The greatest feature of this product is equipped with a beautiful shell package, can help the machine itself to enhance the fashion sense. In addition, it also uses the electromagnetic protection shell, full protect the motherboard and important parts, use the electromagnetic compatibility design higher than international standards, and reduce the radiation. In the development of many entry-level computer products, Dell Inspiron 2020 can be said to be a very good product.


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