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Saving Mill Creek

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Columbian

Gurgling softly for only about 10 miles, Mill Creek is not among Clark County’s most popular tributaries, but it’s becoming somewhat of a local showcase for environmental advancements. First, a brief geography lesson: Mill Creek’s almost indistinguishable headwaters are in the western portion of Battle Ground proper, with drainage extending west to Dollars Corner, thence south near Northeast 50th Avenue for a couple of miles and through Washington State University Vancouver before Mill Creek’s confluence with Salmon Creek... Last year, the campus received "Salmon Safe" certification by a Portland-based organization that goes by the same name. 

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A responsible campus

Washington State University Vancouver deserves acknowledgement for attaining Salmon-Safe certification. Assisted Living Santa Rosa. If more campuses sought the environmentally-friendly certification our waterways and tributaries would be far better of. Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer

Salmon Safe

Good to hear that more areas are receiving Salmon Safe certification. Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer

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First, a brief geography

First, a brief geography lesson: Mill Creek’s almost indistinguishable headwaters are in the western portion of Battle Ground proper, with drainage extending west to Dollars Corner, thence south near Northeast 50th Avenue for a couple of miles and through Washington State University Vancouver before Mill Creek’s confluence with Salmon Creek... Last year, the campus received "Salmon Safe" certification by a Portland-based organization that goes by the same name.

Battle Ground proper, with

Battle Ground proper, with drainage extending west to Dollars Corner, thence south near Northeast 50th Avenue for a couple of miles and through Washington State University Vancouver before Mill Creek’s confluence with Salmon Creek... Last year, the campus received "Salmon Safe" certification by a Portland-based organization that goes by the same name.

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