Salmon Safe Soapbox
Photo by Barry Kovish

Gearing up for a Salmon-Safe Thanksgiving: Canadian-style

Monday, November 14, 2011

Last month we joined with Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF)  and Fraser Basin Council to launch Salmon-Safe in British Columbia  (read the Vancouver Sun Salmon-Safe feature). A few weeks later and Salmon-Safe already is at the top of the menu in several of Vancouver's most acclaimed restaurants.  

In this PSF video, Robert Belcham, Executive Chef and Proprietor of Vancouver's highly regarded Refuel/Campagnolo, prepares a Canadian-style Salmon-Safe Thanksgiving dinner with Pacific Salmon Foundation's Mike Meneer. Learn how to make this tasty meal, featuring Salmon-Safe certified products from across British Columbia.

Wine for Thanksgiving is the easy part. Check out the Salmon-Safe wine list, newly expanded for the holidays.



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Gearing up for a Salmon-Safe Thanksgiving: Canadian-style

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