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WSU Vancouver earns Salmon-Safe certification: Restoring Salmon Creek tributary

Thursday, September 16, 2010

WSU Vancouver has become the first urban campus in southwestern Washington to earn Salmon-Safe certification, a designation that means the university is proactively and significantly improving the environmental health of its 351-acre property. WSU Vancouver is an environmental innovator with initiatives ranging from LEED buildings to rain gardens and constructed wetlands to restoration of forests on the property. Salmon-Safe certification represented a powerful next step because aptly named Salmon Creek, in their own backyard, is home to coho salmon, steelhead and cutthroat trout.

The certification announcement will be made today at the Top Projects & Building Excellence reception and awards presentation at 5:15 p.m. on campus. The event is sponsored by the Building Industry Association, Southwest Washington Contractor’s Association and the Vancouver Business Journal.

Read the feature about WSUV's certification article in The Columbian.

James Martin, director of facilities operations at WSU Vancouver, who oversees campus environmental programs, said, “We think Salmon-Safe certification is a powerful way to ensure that best facilities management practices are used in our landscape maintenance and storm water management programs. We welcomed the independent review of our environmental efforts ranging from campus design to day-to-day management.”

To qualify for Salmon-Safe certification, WSU Vancouver met rigorous conservation requirements. These included committing to further streamside restoration along Mill Creek to provide bank stability, shade and cover.  Other measures included phasing out landscape chemicals harmful to the watershed, additional water conservation, further reducing storm water runoff from parking lots and buildings, and incorporating salmon-friendly design in all future campus development.

In 2006, Portland State University became the first Salmon-Safe certified campus, followed by University of Washington Bothell/Cascadia Community College (2008) and Walla Walla Community College (2009). Salmon-Safe later this fall will announce the certification of another leading Northwest university.

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2 man tent 8) After each use, thoroughly clean and dry the tent. Being from Florida, we thought that we would be able to handle the heat, but for some reason, I had never been that hot before. 2 man tent Pay careful consideration to the size of tent that you are bringing with you on your camping trip.

laser hair removal Set aside some time daily or weekly for activities that you can do on your own time. Keep these tips in mind and you will be able to enjoy food and cooking more without having to worry about your health."Non-Christians aren't reading the four gospels; they read the fifth gospel in you and me.~Colin MeadowsFirst of all, you should know that you're not alone and that there are thousands of people who share the anxiety, fear or phobia of going to the dentist all over the world. laser hair removal If you want to heat up a large, open space, you need to consider the open pit models.

Garmin GPSMAP When you make appointments with prospects, make sure you can keep them. Our ears perceive a vast range of decibels (about 120dB to be exact), which is roughly the difference between the quietest perceivable sound at about 0. Garmin GPSMAP Cheerful - An upbeat attitude (without overdoing it) sends a positive message to the prospect and helps the sale along

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oral-b 3000 Having a healthy smile is the foundation of making good impressions, and lasting relationships. Do you really need an electric toothbrush?The manual toothbrush cannot be easily replaced by its electric counterpart, because it has performed very well since the time it became commercially available. oral-b 3000 This toothbrush uses electric power to clean the teeth.

philips sonicare elite This product is used with water, keeping this in mind the proper construction and designing was done to forestall any water related damage. Modern electric toothbrushes run on low voltage. philips sonicare elite This appliance needs to be charged in a precise manner so that it can give a quality performance.

proactive deep cleansing wash Maybe you have an allergy that aggravates the situation. Quoting from the Journal of the American Medical Association: "Diet plays no role in acne treatment in most patients.. proactive deep cleansing wash Sharkne herbal acne treatment is for the treatment and prevention of zits oil and acne.

msr whisperlite Wall-mounted heaters are best used for commercial spaces like open air restaurants and cafes for example and can basically heat a limited area only. A lot of companies offer the cheaper option of wholesale towels, which you can personalize per your specific requirement. msr whisperlite Even short-term exposure to high levels of noise (upwards of 85dB, such as through listening to loud music) can cause hearing loss.

saris bones 2 However, it is necessary to opt for the best one otherwise it would cause damage to your vehicle when you are carrying the bikes. If you are purchasing bike racks for your car, you should opt for the best one depending on its usage and select the appropriate one which fulfills these requirements. saris bones 2 For example if you were searching for Thule bike racks put in the words: Thule bike rack sale and hit enter.

anti snoring devices Below is an example of the action plan I put in my workshop booklets. In such a way, ones subconscious can see the proof of the message. anti snoring devices If you do not, then all these techniques will fail.

Sleeping Bag Suit But let's case it - these measures are much better than having to go through painful treatments such as root canal therapy. One should give a realistic message to the subconscious mind. Sleeping Bag Suit Toothache is also a very common problem.

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single memory foam mattress For that reason, these foams were relatively expensive in the early time. The Memory Foam Mattress has become the fastest growing segment in the mattress industry. single memory foam mattress visit us Memory Foam will adjust its shape to the fine contours of you body to the minutest detail and its "memory" characteristics help reduce extraneous movements.

Temple Run 2 cheats Some even based the value of their business on who their friends are. Be consistent, intentional and personalize your methods for that Midas Touch.What sets successful salespeople apart from the unsuccessful one?Successful salespeople do exactly the same things as unsuccessful ones. Temple Run 2 cheats Setting up of effective system is an essential precondition for managing successful business.

remington mb320c It gives you a close and clean shave in less time. On the other hand nearly all shavers do not shave exceptionally close with every stroke. remington mb320c our site Having to be plugged in at all times ruins the portability of the shaver, and that is one of the main reasons for having it in the first place.

remington microflex r450 Panasonic Electric ShaversOffering equally extensive selection of foil shaving units is Panasonic electric shavers. Do you need it while traveling? Do you all the time need an instant shave? Is cleaning the shaver everyday a setback for you? Is the battery charge an issue for you? What features are you searching for and do they meet your needs?You should be familiar with your requirements beforehand as you'll notice countless shavers presented from different designers all with different features and add-ons that might be confusing to choose without first knowing your needs. remington microflex r450 Nevertheless I am not saying that each and every pricey shavers out there will be best for you.

best electric shaver Scratches on your skin during shaving can be attributed to plenty of things - one of which is the shape of the shaver. Once a person gets used to the electric razor, he will be in a position to save a good amount of time. best electric shaver our site What Kind Of Features Should I Look For In An Electric Shaver?Foil shavers with three cutting blades are better than electric razors with a single blade, as they shave better and faster.

soto muka It is something to do at least once in a life-time. In case, you need more detailed and elaborate design, probably silkscreen printing will be the better solution to choose. soto muka Many failures have been turned into successes.

takara kabuto single speed road bike Just be sure you look around before you buy as bike prices have been known to be slashed, especially around Christmas.The question of where you should buy will always pop up. This stiffened the head tube junctions for quicker, more predictable handling with less material, saving weight and maintaining the vertical compliance of the top tube. takara kabuto single speed road bike our site Aluminum also protects against rust and corrosion.

Carl Zeiss binoculars With the many sizes, styles, and price ranges available for binoculars, it is difficult to know how to purchase binoculars that are right for you. Good eye relief is one of the important performance factors. Carl Zeiss binoculars read more But the damp marine environment, combined with changes in temperature, causes interior lenses of non-waterproof binoculars to fog.

gopro case One should give a realistic message to the subconscious mind. Another thing to consider when buying the best electric outdoor heaters are the safety features. gopro case It allows one to communicate with his subconscious mind.

go pro hero 3 black edition Fish is considered a "brain food". Since the embroidery is able to hold up your design better and to withstand to harsh weather conditions, you can choose this option for your custom beach towels. go pro hero 3 black edition It could also be caused by smoking, or by illnesses.Setting up of effective system is an essential precondition for managing successful business.

how to grow taller We are bigots who apparently hate gay people.. not that we believe these things about us, but it's the version of the 'fifth gospel' non-Christian/non-religious people are reading into us; or do they just generalise and stereotype?We, as Christians, are an oft-maligned group in society. It could also be caused by cavities, in which case you can have it treated. how to grow taller Reality is this takes work.

north face assault 2 According to the SGMA, over 42. A tent labeled 2-person will accommodate two people sleeping side by side which does not allow for the addition of mattresses and gear. north face assault 2 On the other hand, camping tents used for places like the Mojave desert, though they must be strong should also not be very thick as you will feel suffocated inside the hot surroundings if there is not proper ventilation provided.

laser hair removal reviews When you make appointments with prospects, make sure you can keep them. A cloth and wooden yurt are both on display, and inside of each is replicated the distinct men's and women's sides of the yurt, the sleeping area and the fire pit between them. laser hair removal reviews Since the embroidery is able to hold up your design better and to withstand to harsh weather conditions, you can choose this option for your custom beach towels.

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electrolux ultrasilencer 'True' or absolute HEPA filters must pass a strict test to be considered worthy of the HEPA rating. When a vacuum sucks up dirt some particles are expelled out the exhaust of the vacuum. electrolux ultrasilencer visit us If weight is an issue, then you are best off with a canister vacuum.

Rage of Bahamut cheats On 20th February 1995 the Russian Federation President issued a decree to make The Taltsy Museum of Wooden Architecture and Ethnography an object of national history and culture heritage. This type of mind programming that puts you in the meditation zone. Rage of Bahamut cheats read more The last factor but not the least is to consider what kind of reward you will give your referrals for their good job.

braun shavers These shaving devices are categorised into two types, these are foil electric shavers and rotary electric shavers. Braun 7-760cc electric foil shaver is engineered to even capture problem hairs with every stroke. braun shavers read more You will also get the facility to shave without using any shaving soaps, foams or cream.

oral-b vitality Since these electric toothbrushes need to be recharged, priority should be given to those with chargers that are compact and consume less space. To get the best results from using a manual brush, it is important to follow the prescribed brushing routine. oral-b vitality Aside from brushing mouthwash and regular flossing are also recommended for cleaner and whiter teeth. I window shop online to find the latest and hottest trends and gadgets and all the best deals that go with it.

new balance 623 Fashion experts tell that the best time to buy any shoes is during the end of the day. Have we been focused on the wrong things for 40+years?I'll start with the customary statistic of 33-56% of runners get injured every year (Bruggerman, 2007). new balance 623 our site Trail running is a wonderful way to get into shape and experience nature.

teepee tents If you are planning to purchase a camping tent for yourself or your family or friends then you need to consider the following points:1) Where you are about to camp- It is very important that you consider when and where would you camp. Recreational tents nowadays, make use of technology inside to fulfill the purpose of the camp. teepee tents visit us The same thing can be said for high winds, scorching sun and heat and the camping tents that are designed for those types of camping situations, such as stronger poles, sun screens and lots of vents.

cuisinart cje-1000 This is absolutely the last thing you want in a juicer. Nobody wants to be making fresh healthy juice with a moldy machine. cuisinart cje-1000 read more But if you are an ardent juice lover then the quality and taste of the juice will matter to you.

Fujinon binoculars Premium Bak-4 phase coated prisms, fully multi-coated lenses, waterproof, nitrogen sealed, rainguard lens coating and long eye relief. Choosing the right pair of hunting binoculars has never been an easy task. Fujinon binoculars read more o Do not store your binoculars in an excessively hot or cold vehicle.

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