Developer Accreditation

Now in pilot phase implementation, Salmon-Safe accreditation for developers is engaging leading developers including Vulcan in applying development practices consistent with Salmon-Safe principles across their entire operation. Salmon-Safe's developer accreditation is the nation’s first independent accreditation program to recognize developer excellence in water quality protection at a firm-wide level.

Salmon-Safe developer accreditation recognizes companies who commit to implementing Salmon-Safe principles around onsite stormwater treatment and other core standards where feasible, even if the sites they are constructing will not necessarily be eligible for Salmon-Safe certification. Accredited companies further commit to ensuring that Salmon-Safe practices are carried out by key subcontractors, particularly lead contractors. In addition, they are advocates for Salmon-Safe best practices in the building and site design phases as much as is possible so that properties are well positioned to achieve certification. Download Salmon-Safe's 10 Principles for Urban Development.

Download Salmon-Safe Developer Accreditation Standards (2015).
Download the Salmon-Safe Developer Accreditation Application Form.
Download the Salmon-Safe Annual Reporting Form for Developer Accreditation.

Salmon-Safe’s peer-reviewed criteria and rigorous on-site inspections provide validation of environmental performance and public credibility for accredited companies. Salmon-Safe’s high visibility media outreach and ad campaigns can recognize accredited entities, building their reputation for excellence in environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance.

Accreditation is for a 3-year period with annual review and entitles the company to display the Salmon-Safe logo and messaging at its construction sites and in other promotion and include its Salmon-Safe accreditation credentials in bids.

Interested in Accreditation?Interested in Accreditation?

For information about participating in piloting Salmon-Safe accreditation, please contact:

  • For Puget Sound inquiries, contact Stewardship Partners
  • For British Columbia inquiries, contact Salmon-Safe BC
  • For Oregon and California inquires and any other questions, contact Salmon-Safe 




At the Clinton Global Initiative in June 2015, Vulcan Real Estate VP Ada M. Healey announced that Vulcan would seek to become the nation's first Salmon-Safe developer. Read the article.

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