Farmer's Market
Photo by Roddy Scheer

Live Well

Living well means making choices every day that reduce our impact on our local watershed. While seeking out Salmon-Safe certified products is just one small part of recovering imperiled native Pacific salmon, it does send an important signal in the marketplace, bringing economic benefit to the environmentally innovative landowners that have achieved certification while providing an incentive to other landowners to transition to Salmon-Safe practices. To make it easier to live well, we've compiled a Top 10 list of things you can do to save salmon as well as created a handy list of Salmon-Safe events so you can meet us in person and learn about our work.

Wine ListBuy Salmon-Safe wine

Choosing Salmon-Safe wine is an important way to support winegrowers who have committed to ecologically sustainable viticulture practices at more than 220 certified vineyards in important Pacific Northwest salmon tributaries like the Willamette, Rogue, and Walla Walla. Read more about Salmon Safe wine.


Wild Coho SalmonBe a Salmon Hero: Take Action to Protect Wild Fish

Salmon-Safe has compiled a Top 10 list of simple but powerful things that we all can do every day to help protect wild rivers and restore native salmon from supporting advocacy organizations like Pacific Rivers Council to going pesticide-free in our yards and gardens. Read more about wild salmon conservation.


Sip for SOLVCome to an upcoming event

Are you a business leader interested in joining us for a technical seminar regarding the most recent innovations in stormwater management? Or perhaps you are simply interested in tasting Salmon-Safe wine or attending a restaurant event featuring local Salmon-Safe produce? Salmon-Safe and our network of partner organizations offer a range of events for just about everyone. Read more about Salmon-Safe events.