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Photo by Donna Lasater

Interior Columbia Basin with Trout Unlimited

The Washington Water Project (WWP) of Trout Unlimited is a statewide, non-profit organization working directly with farmers and water-right holders to improve instream flows and water quality. As part of its work, WWP is partnering with Salmon-Safe to encourage environmentally sustainable farming practices throughout the Central and Upper Columbia Basins of Washington state. Learn more about Salmon-Safe farm certification.

Download the Trout Unlimted WWP Salmon-Safe Brochure.

WWP has established a long-time presence working with farmers across eastern Washington with a particular expertise in linking farmers to available resources to improve farming practices and enhance fish and wildlife habitat.

For landowners interested in Salmon-Safe, WWP will offset site assessment fees through the first three years of Salmon-Safe program participation. For more information, please contact Jeri Timm at 509-881-7690 or visit WWP.


Trout Unlimited's Washington Water Project focuses Salmon-Safe outreach to orchard, vineyard, and other specialty crop growers in the Wenatchee and neighboring Columbia River tributaries.

Photo by Donna Lasater ©2011


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