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Salmon-Safe works with farmers to encourage the adoption of ecologically sustainable agricultural practices that protect water quality and wildlife habitat in West Coast salmon watersheds. Operations endorsed by our independent professional certifiers are promoted with the Salmon-Safe label.

The Salmon-Safe farm certification program is focused on management practices in six primary areas: riparian area management, water use management, erosion and sediment control, integrated pest management and water quality protection, animal management, and biodiversity conservation. Our standards were developed over a two-year period with biologists, agronomists, and farmers, and have been tested in the field since the late 1990s at more than 700 farms in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, and British Columbia across a variety of crops. 

Download Salmon-Safe farm certification standards  

Organic farms seeking Salmon-Safe certification can be certified by Oregon Tilth, a leading West Coast certifier. Oregon Tilth offers Salmon-Safe inspection as an optional water quality and habitat overlay to routine organic inspection. Please click here to download the OTCO Salmon-Safe request form. 

Today, more than 85,000 acres have been certified Salmon-Safe in critical West Coast agricultural watersheds ranging from northern California to the Fraser River of British Columbia. Salmon-Safe farms gain competitive advantage in the marketplace through our public education efforts and the marketing efforts of our participating farmers.

Interested in Certification?

For more information about Salmon-Safe certification for your farm, please contact Salmon-Safe or one of our regional partners.

Seeking assistance in transitioning to Salmon-Safe IPM?

Salmon-Safe offers candidate and certified growers assistance in meeting our rigorous water quality protection standards. Find out more by downloading our farm IPM worksheet. We also offer a "high hazard" variance process for certified growers with extraordinary pest issues.

Download the Salmon-Safe IPM Worksheet & "High Hazard" Variance Form (coming soon) 


Salmon-Safe certified hops at Goschie Farms near Salem, Oregon. Goschie Farms, a major grower for Deschutes Brewery and other acclaimed Northwest craft brewers, was the first hop grower to earn Salmon-Safe certification.

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